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Cancer Heroes


Cancer Heroes was originally founded in remembrance, and honour of Mr. John Robinson, Mr. Ian Lucas and many others that have gone before them. This Public Benefit Organisation aims to stand tall in support of all that are affected by cancer, including patients, families, carers, medical staff, paramedical staff and doctors, while finding innovative ways to reduce the risk and infection of cancer. 


Our vision is put into actionable programs, with a focus on stewardship initiatives for all aspects of the South African ever increasing Cancer incidents, while creating activities to benefit society as a whole. All these associations will be entered into to explore alternative methods of promoting its objectives, attempting wherever possible to include as many individuals requiring assistance, especially the poor and needy and medically disenfranchised.


Cancer Heroes’ mission is to create value to all through the delivery of clear and consistent operational focus while applying a holistic, efficient operating model of disciplined, efficient and cost-effective capital management to enable delivery of its founding statements while creating an approach of value-accretive growth to attain these goals.

We will attain it through maintaining the organisation's main objectives which are philanthropic purposes of Education, Early Detection, Advocacy and Support, and will attain these aims through the application of:

•Education initiatives •Early Detection Campaigns •Raise public awareness through Media Campaigns •Research, •Training,  •Treatment and Rehabilitative support  •Partnering with affiliates such as other cancer organisations,  •Partnering with healthcare facilities,  •Partnering with care agencies and programmes, institutes, universities or colleges, professional associations, libraries, journals, publications, conferences or other bodies.  • 

Cancer Heroes creates Value to those who are afflicted by Cancer, so that they can still have those Priceless Moments every day!




Head and Neck Cancer is the biggest growing cancer in Africa without anyone really knowing about it. South Africa is currently the global capital for Esophageal Cancer while the other head and neck cancers are steadily on the rise.  We believe we have the ability to make a difference in SOuth AFrica and Africa in this arena and will give you a glimpse of what we doing as just one website does not do it justice.

We proved the value of our original drive for the development of an effective Countrywide Head and Neck Cancer Early Detection Program for the South African Public Sector, that could be rolled out in various sites across the country. These may be major public hospitals to rural clinics in remote areas. 

The key to the success of this program lies in the program design and simplicity it follows in “upscaling” the treatment plans for individuals. This has to work in conjunction with all the levels in our public healthcare sector.

Over the next 6 months and in conjunction with our partners we will attempt to fast track the implementation of elementary programs that will lead into a formal early detection program catering for our medically disenfranchised and poorest of poor. 

The use of home language education via multiple media forms including Printed, Radio and Television will be key to this program. This may be via current Health Programs, Education Programming and IsiZulu and IsiXhosa Channels already established.

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