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We know that every Cancer Patient is Unique and has unique needs. Our experience allows us to very quickly see where we can assist patients and families dealing with Cancer. 

Golden Years with Angela


 Angela Lurssen, better known as the "Lurssenator", is once again taking on the world of ultra marathons in honor of those dealing with adversity. Join her on a journey of personal truth that will turn compassion and love into Gleaming Golden Years for All!

Proud Member of Cancer Alliance


The Cancer Alliance is a collective group  of non-profit organisations and cancer advocates brought together under a common mandate, to provide a platform of collaboration for cancer civil society to speak with one voice and be a powerful tool to affect change for all South African adults and children affected by cancer. 

well done to brent anderson and rob tilbury!

How You Saving Lives:


This past Friday saw the launch of both the Arnold Golf Classic Series and the Going Longer for Cancer Challenge for the top 100 golf courses in South Africa.

 Brent Anderson from the Arnold Golf Classic together with his team ran an amazing day filled with an amazing competitive spirit and even the  excitement of the very first Arnold Golf Classic R 50 000.00 Hole in One won by deserved competitor. 

It was an awesome day filled with rivalry and lots of fun, ending off with a 5-Star Dinner hosted by the Country Club of Johannesburg and their brilliant staff! 

Cancer Heroes is the proud beneficiary of the Arnold Golf Series run by Brent Anderson and together we aim to change many lives this coming year!

Going Longer for Cancer launched in conjunction with the Arnold Golf Classic at Benoni Lake Country Club allowing members the ability to play their role in community support programs in a more informal setting while assisting Rob with his challenge. 

It was an amazing day and fun was had by all with monies raised going to assist the local communities with Cancer Education and access to cancer networks like the Cancer Alliance and all their partners.

To get more detail of our next event, please contact Rob on

How to Donate

Every cent helps, so please feel free to donate towards the drive to assist those less fortunate than us and save lives through education and early detection.

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On the Road

After receipt of the awesome donation from ICAP and support from Round Table, Cancer Heroes is able to get out into the communities that are truly forgotten when it comes to Head and Neck Cancers. 

We are raising funds to allow our team to travel through the remote areas of South Africa to set up the network that will ensure better Education, Early Detection, Advocacy and Support of the poorest of poor and medically disenfranchised. 

Please join us on this drive by donating via Snap Scan or for a Section 18A Tax receipt that can reduce your tax payment in 2020! Anything will help even if its just R 50.00 .  



Tax Benefits to donors: Section 18 A

This serves to confirm that Cancer Heroes is a registered non-profit company and an approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with number: 930058201. 

This allows a 100% TAX REBATE to Donors that meet the requirements for a Section 18A Tax Receipt.

Cash by EFT, Cheque, Postal Order, Direct deposit, or a debit order or a credit card deduction.

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Support Group


Our new Head and Neck Support Group met for the first time in our new venue in Sandton this past week and look forward to expanding its reach globally in this arena.

Early Detection 2019


The Team from Cancer Heroes Pretoria and the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance had an awesome screening event where approximately 400 people were screened.



A kind gesture, a comforting word, a motivational talk, telling the truth about Cancer, showing a new way of looking at it, a few cents, helping someone make sense of it all, can save someone form the pain of cancer, so just give a little bit more of yourself tomorrow! Yes, YOU Can!

Going Longer Easy Donations


You can get in on the action right now by donating using this QR Code. Any amount will help us support Rob and the people that we need to get to the early detection days. Check out Rob's story below how he will play 100 of South Africa's top Golf courses to support people living with cancer and show that it can be beaten and others that they can overcome just about anything if they put their hearts and minds to it.  More Below....

Rural Drive


 Oesophageal cancer is the eighth most common cancer worldwide and ranks fifth in terms of mortality. ... In South Africa (SA) squamous carcinoma of the oesophagus (SCO) is the most common form of oesophageal cancer and is associated with late referral and advanced stage at presentation. 

Our Drive with Rob will get us to these Rural areas most affected by it and being lost because of a lack of education, early detection and support!

To help, donate at this link please:

Arnold Classic 2019


Cancer Heroes is proud to be a benefiting foundation that was part of the Arnold Classic Expo at the Sandton Convention Centre as part of the overall Arnold Classic Festival.

What an amazing event with unbelievable stories. 

As sportsmen in Cancer Heroes, it was one of the most positive and uplifting events we have ever been part of and a special thanks and congratulations must go out to Wayne and Michelle Price who ensured it to be the most memorable experience for us all!

the top 100 golf course challenge


 Robert Tilbury,  a Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour Member and Cancer Survivor, has dedicated his passion of Golf to assist those less fortunate than him. Rob represented South Africa as a Springbok Softball Pitcher with multiple awards behind his name.

A True Cancer Hero, Rob will Tee off this May where he will take on the Top 100 Golf Courses throughout South Africa.  This is huge challenge just like beating cancer, but once again we will show that support and dedication can beat this golf challenge, just like beating cancer!

This  is an excellent vehicle to create awareness, early detection and raise funds for rural screening and support. Cancer Heroes will utilise the donations from ICAP and support from The Round Table of South Africa to bring this awesome event to as many people throughout South Africa as possible. The challenge and cancer programs will be jointly supported and run via live social media platforms and mobile apps to ensure as much exposure as possible.

Look out for the first event at Benoni Lake Country Club in May and then join Rob on this journey to give him support and encouragement!



 The Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour is the only Developmental Tour in South Africa.  The tour is operated by knowledgeable staff who are PGA and R&A certified.  After starting in October 2010 and many a success story,  the tour has reached new heights where it is now viewed as  a professionally run, and Internationally recognised development tour that produces the most Professional Golfers in Africa.   It continues to produce  PGA Tour Card Professionals and remains the main source of players on the Sunshine Tour in 2019, almost 8 years after starting.

The Big Easy IGT Tour is a dedicated supporter of Cancer Heroes and in 2018 assisted in spreading awareness and education in Head and Neck Cancers as well as many a  common cancer in South Africa.

In 2019, they will be supporting the Cancer Heroes Top 100 Courses Project headed up by a long standing Member of the Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour, Robert Tilbury.  The project has been established to showcase the benefit of exercise during cancer therapy while creating opportunities to expand Awareness, Education, Early Detection, and Support to communities that are far away from the High Tech Cancer Centres such as those in found in Sandton, Johannesburg.    


Drop us your email and let us get you on course with Rob!